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Radical Self Care

Radical Self care is the concept of seeing the whole spectrum of activities from eating to exercise to our thoughts and mindset, that we do everyday to care for and maintain our bodies. Radical Self Care includes things as simple as drinking clean water and brushing our teeth to the more purposeful and profound, like as exercising or allowing medical care. Radical Self care is by definition using the word radical – and we are using radical in the sense of – as in a departure from tradition – innovative or progressive.

radical self care

So exactly what is radical self care?
When you shift the process of self care out of the mundane and into the mindful, you take the first step on a path towards the possibility of greater wellness and radical improvements in your quality of life. This means re-assessing your priorities so that your whole holistic health and wellbeing is the centre of your self care regimen.

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Specifically, this means trasnforming the way you approach you own care so that instead of seeing your needs as a lower priority – or of approaching them as a chore or as thing that just happens in the background – instead making it the central core platform – the foundational centre of your whole life.

It is indeed a powerful re-alignment. For me personally, it began with changing my career from a shift-work to a home based environment. Such a simple but profound change impacted across the entire scope of my life – from when I slept at it’s most basic level – to what I ate, who I spent my time with and what projects I devoted my time to.

radical self care

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Radical self care is intentional care for the whole being of our selves. It is the conscious and continuous promotion of wellness for the body as well as the mind and spirit. It begins with priority re-alignment and never ends in a flow os sustainable personal growth.

Radical self care is a way of living and a lifestyle founded on the pillars of nutrition, movement, equanimity, moderation, mindfulness, service, and sadhana (self-guided practice/study/training).

radical self care

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You can transform self care into radical self care in most cases with the application of mindfulness.

Why choose radical self care? When wellness and awareness of body, mind, and spirit are nourished and heightened, you are better positioned to accept, adapt, and fully engage in the experiences, challenges, and mysteries that life presents everyday.

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Radical self care can help your body, mind, and spirit can become stronger and more resilient. More resilience means you can adapt more efficiently to the challenges of life.

Radical self care presents opportunities for self-healing, wellness in healing and recovery from illness or injury, disease prevention or mitigation, improved sleep, healthy weight management, and a fulfilled sense of contentment, satisfaction, and forgiveness.

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Each of us has the power and potential to embrace the why, where, how, and how often we choose radical self care into our day to day lives.

For many of us, making lifestyle changes and evolving ourselves is best achieved through a step by step process of adding new elements of radical self care into our daily activities while slowly letting go of beliefs, practices and habits that no longer serve us.

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For others, it is far simpler to begin with a rapid detox process whereby radical self care happens with a transformation event - like a health and wellness retreat for a more dramatic and revolutionary approach to lifestyle transformation is desired. Radical self care practices either approach - it is for the individual to decide on what works for them.

Radical Self Care is absorbing and intimidating from the outset - and you will encounter personal as well as family resistance for choosing this path. But once you work through the initial stages over say days or a couple of weeks, you will gradually begin incorporating radical self care practice into your life so that they become lifestyle habits.